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February 8, 2021

F&I Product Financing for Dealerships

F&I Product Financing for Dealerships

The finance and insurance (F&I) department at an automotive dealership markets loans and add-on options. These plans help customers gain warranties, auto service, asset protection and additional benefits for their newly purchased vehicle. With these service contracts, customers can add value to their assets, and the dealership can help customers create an advantageous financial package.

At Line 5, we understand that you want to keep your F&I department as profitable as possible. We partner with automotive dealerships to finance their F&I products without requiring a loan limit or down payment. When you become a Line 5 partner, we will help you get every product, every customer, every time to maximize your revenue.

F&I Products Line 5 Finances

Offering a vast range of F&I products to your customers helps your dealership gain the most profit and improve your customers' experience. Line 5 finances several valuable F&I services that cover what your buyers want, making them popular options that will become profitable for your dealership.

We finance:

Tire and wheel protection: As tires and wheels represent some of the most frequently damaged car parts, an F&I product that covers them is beneficial for customers. Lifetime engine warranties: This service ensures that the vehicle's engine will last the length of the customer's ownership as long as they follow the recommended maintenance schedules. The lifetime engine warranty is appealing to customers and boosts service retention. Dealer-owned prepaid maintenance: With this service, customers will return to your dealership when their vehicle needs maintenance. Since they'll be in your dealership regularly, they'll be more likely to purchase from you in the future. This F&I product increases your sales and customer loyalty and retention. Interior and exterior protection: This service covers repairs required following damage to the interior and exterior of the vehicle, such as tree sap and bird dropping damage, ripped seats, faded interior colors and exterior paint, and burns. Service contracts: Service contracts are a staple of any automotive dealership's portfolio, and Line 5 will help finance them. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the vehicles in your lot may offer a service package to customers. However, a service contract with your dealership can be better for customers because it offers a flexible or no deductible and better coverage for less. This F&I service is especially profitable when reinsured on the back end. Key replacement: Since many keys in modern cars have anti-theft features and other technologies, it can be expensive for the customer to replace those that get lost. This F&I service covers the costs of purchasing the replacement, reprogramming it to the auto security system and providing roadside assistance if keys are locked in the vehicle. Lease damage waivers: Insurance can become tricky if your customer damages a leased vehicle. When customers opt for this F&I product, Line 5 will cover the damage — even if it costs thousands of dollars — with no deductible for the customer. Gap insurance:Gap insurance is an add-on to car insurance coverage that covers the difference between what the customer owes on the car and its actual cash value (ACV). If the vehicle is stolen or totaled, the customer does not have to pay more than it's worth. Anti-theft coverage:Anti-theft protection pays more than standard insurance settlements by up to tens of thousands of dollars if the customer's car is a theft or total loss.

Many dealerships merge some of these F&I services to create supplementary product bundles, which involves grouping relevant products to help customers get the services they want for less. Bundling makes the customer more likely to buy, so it increases your sales. Line 5 also extends our financing services to these bundles since they are valuable for your business's profits.

Line 5's F&I Financing for Automotive Dealerships

Line 5 is an F&I product financing company that partners with automotive dealers for sport utility vehicles (SUVs), trucks and automobiles to provide plans such as the following:

Extended warranty financing Vehicle service contract financing Maintenance plans Theft protection Road hazard Appearance protection Roadside assistance

Line 5 finances all plans and instantly guarantees approval, making it easier for you to sell these plans to customers. You can adjust the term's length and the interest rates for each loan, and we do not require a down payment. This flexibility helps you tailor the loan specifications to each customer, making it easier to close deals.

As a result, your customers will get the coverage they require for a manageable payment. Once they have completed and signed the application submission, Line 5 will make funding available within 48 hours. With Line 5, your automotive dealership will sell more products and drive more revenue from your commission for each plan sold.

Why Work With Line 5?

Line 5 is dedicated to helping dealerships sell more products and make more money by providing the necessary funding for F&I services. We will analyze your dealership's business model, goals, values and processes. As a result of our tailored approach, your F&I department will become more profitable and successful than ever before.

When you choose to partner with Line 5, we'll provide the financing needed for your top F&I products. You can offer F&I services to your customers with confidence in our finance plans because we approve all customers regardless of their credit rating. Line 5 does not require loan limits or down payments, and you can adjust the loan terms to fit each customer's budget-friendly rate preferences.

Line 5 also offers F&I dealership software that provides a dealership dashboard to manage your deals and customers. Streamline and simplify your processes such as report and contract generation and signature collection, so you have more time for other important tasks.

Contact Line 5 to Become a Partner Today

Expand your F&I services capabilities with Line 5. We will help you gain more customers — and more revenue — through our flexible financing plans. Sign up on our website to become a Line 5 partner today. You may also call us at 844-775-4635 or contact us online for more information.  


February 3, 2021

Line 5 & MenuMetric Integration Announcement

MenuMetric Integration

Line 5 and MenuMetric have joined forces to deliver a finance and insurance (F&I) process with greater customer reach and personalized sales experiences. We've integrated our simple and smooth financing services with MenuMetric software's powerful sales tools. This new collaboration is an excellent way to help reach your customers based on their unique driving and buying habits — all with time-saving tools and an easier agent experience.

About MenuMetric

MenuMetric aims to make technology that enables F&I professionals to better connect with their customers and create personalized sales experiences. The MenuMetric platform simplifies the F&I sales process with industry-leading technology to improve customer satisfaction and maximize profits. It enables efficient presentation, selection and tracking of sales for many F&I products and vehicle add-ons. MenuMetric has an ever-growing list of partners, such as Line 5, and continuously evolving software, making MenuMetric your path to higher sales!

The platform is scalable with a wide range of devices, offers a simple interface for customers to interact with their personalized offers and delivers analytics to better understand your sales. Line 5 now integrates smoothly with this platform, so you can save even more time on getting solutions to your customers.

Line 5

Line 5 offers an optimized, simple and secure financing solution to make the process easy for agents and customers alike. We provide:

Instant, guaranteed approvals with no funding limits. Flexible rates and terms to meet your clients' needs. No money-down requirements. Contracts funded within 48 hours. An easy-to-use interface. Become a Partner Today

Learn more about working with Line 5 by contacting us today!


February 8, 2021

Extended Warranty Financing

Extended Warranty Financing

Extended warranties are a billion-dollar industry in the United States because they are an appealing option for customers who want to protect their financial investments. These warranties are an optional finance and insurance (F&I) product that will cover the cost of certain automobile repairs, saving the customer money.

Line 5 is a warranty finance company that works with the F&I departments in automotive dealerships to finance these warranties. Our partnership will allow your business to sell more auto warranty financing plans by giving you the flexibility to work with all your customers.

Features of an Extended Warranty

Extended warranties are an add-on option that customers consider when purchasing a new or used car. An extended warranty can provide coverage beyond the warranty's end date or overlap with the manufacturer's warranty. This protection is precautionary and will help the customer if there is ever a large repair bill. 

Though the customer does not have to purchase an extended warranty, it is useful for covering service bills that they would otherwise have to pay for themselves. In the automotive industry, this protection helps customers keep their vehicles for longer.

One advantage of selling extended warranties to your customers is an increase in loyalty. When your buyer needs a repair, they will bring their car into your dealership's authorized repair center per the warranty agreement. Since they will continue to come to you for the services they need, these customers will be more likely to work with you again in the future.

Costs and Coverage

Auto warranties generally cover the same parts as the original warranty, starting once the latter expires. They will last until the car reaches a certain mileage or ownership has lasted for a predetermined number of years. This coverage may transfer to the new owner if these conditions are not met before the customer sells the car. However, the customer must follow manufacturer recommendations for routine maintenance to keep the extended warranty valid.

When you partner with Line 5, we will financially back your extended warranty products. You can negotiate the cost of the warranty plan with your customer to find a solution that meets their needs.

Benefits of Extended Car Warranties

Even though the new and used cars in your lot are reliable, extended warranties are a beneficial option for customers because they:

Offer peace of mind: Customers can be confident that the extended warranty will cover any repairs they need for their vehicle, eliminating concerns over how they'll pay if something goes wrong. These policies help the customer feel prepared for the unexpected. Act as quality assurance: An extended warranty for a car implies that the vehicle is reliable. If the customer has to pay for all repairs and service, the return on their investment decreases. Since the dealership is expressing confidence in that investment by offering a warranty that covers these costs, it suggests that the vehicle is unlikely to have major problems. Cover all vehicles: Customers can purchase an extended warranty for all their cars, not just those that will soon have an expired warranty, gaining better coverage for these investments. Help customers keep their vehicles: Because the extended warranty goes beyond the standard warranty limits, repairs and maintenance costs will be covered for a longer time. This protection helps keep the vehicle operating smoothly, so the customer can keep it for longer. Provide cost savings:If the customer keeps their vehicle for a long time, they may have more repair and maintenance needs. Without a warranty, the customer would be responsible for the whole cost of a repair that could exceed what they can afford. Since the extended warranty covers these charges, the customer will save money even after factoring in the cost of the extended warranty itself. Increase the resale value: If the warranty transfers to the next owner, it will increase the value of the customer's car.

Explaining these advantages to your customer will help them understand the value of purchasing an extended warranty for their newly purchased vehicle from your auto dealership, increasing the likelihood of them making this investment. Line 5 helps make these extended warranty products possible through car warranty financing.

Auto Warranty Financing With Line 5

Line 5 helps finance extended warranties for trucks, automobiles, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and other vehicles at automotive dealerships. With our car warranty finance installments, your customers will gain the coverage they need while you gain more sales and revenue.

Line 5 makes it easier for you to sell your plans and close deals quickly. We will approve all your customers for extended warranty financing, regardless of their credit history. We'll also fully fund the extended warranty, going beyond conditional approval limits. You can set the finance plan's specifics, including term length and interest rates, so they are tailored to a customer's budget.

Additionally, Line 5 does not require a down payment. Once your customer fills out and signs the application, we will have the funding available within 48 hours.

Why Choose Line 5 as Your Auto Dealer Financing Company?

Line 5 is an F&I financing company operating with the goal of helping your automotive dealership sell more products and make more money. Our F&I services will boost your success because we work closely with F&I departments to meet their goals and understand their processes.

Line 5 finances all F&I products and services provided at dealerships. Our services help you gain more customers because our sales process eliminates many barriers, including credit approval, down payments and interest rates.

We also offer F&I dealership software that streamlines simple processes and helps you manage your F&I contracts and customers. As a result, your dealership can become more efficient, and you can dedicate time to other tasks.

Become a Line 5 Partner Today

Line 5 will help your automotive dealership get every product, every customer, every time by providing advantageous financial installments. As an auto finance company for dealers, our support will help you sell auto warranty financing plans and make more money. Sign up on our website to become a partner today, or complete our contact form or call 844-775-4635 for more information.  


February 8, 2021

Vehicle Service Contract Financing

Vehicle Service Contract Financing

Many new, and some used, vehicles come with a manufacturer warranty, which promises that if the customer's car has a mechanical problem within a specified time frame, the manufacturer will cover the repair costs. Once this plan expires, the customer is responsible for the total cost of any repair and service needs that arise in the future. Customers who are no longer covered by their manufacturer warranty but want assistance in paying for repairs should consider a vehicle service contract (VSC).

Line 5 is a finance and insurance (F&I) company that funds vehicle service contracts. We work with F&I departments at automotive dealerships to help increase their sales and earn more profits. Our payment options are flexible to meet all customers' needs, helping you close more deals quickly.

Features of a Vehicle Service Contract

The VSC finance plan kicks in when the manufacturer warranty expires. It will cover unforeseen repair costs and car issues that are not related to damage, including seal and gasket issues and electrical system failures. Some contracts offer additional features like roadside assistance or require customers to do repairs at the dealership's garage, bringing you business and profits. Though vehicle service contracts may be optional, they are beneficial for your customers.

Your dealership may offer VSC auto finance to customers who have just purchased a vehicle, and they are often available at any point the customer owns the car. The VSC ends when the vehicle has a certain number of miles on it or the specified time has passed. If these terms have not been met before the customer sells the car, the plan may pass on to the next owner. Customers often need to follow service recommendations from the vehicle's manufacturer to keep the vehicle service contract valid.

When you partner with Line 5, we will provide the warranty finance for your car sales. You can work with each customer to identify the terms that fit their budget best, so you can make more sales.

Benefits of Vehicle Service Contracts

The VSC finance car product is a beneficial offering for automotive dealerships. These plans provide high yield, minimal losses and a short duration, which helps your business make more money. For these reasons, vehicle service contracts have become a popular offering among automotive dealerships.

There are several advantages of VSCs, including:

Increased customer loyalty and retention: When the customer has a problem with their vehicle that meets the conditions in the VSC, they will bring it into the authorized repair shop at your dealership. Since the customer is doing business with you regularly, they will be more likely to purchase another vehicle or other F&I services from your dealership in the future. Protection against the unforeseen:Unexpected malfunctions and failures can happen to any vehicle. A VSC gives the customer peace of mind that they will have financial assistance with any issue their car may develop. Cost savings: Customers will gain what they spend on their payments for the VSC when Line 5 covers the cost of a repair. These contracts save customers more money and are the preferable option to having to pay the whole bill. Quality assurance: VSCs covering repair and service bills imply there will not be many problems with the car in the future, suggesting that the vehicle they're protecting is reliable. Since the terms of the contract are based on the vehicle's performance, customers can trust that their car will run well.  Boost resale value: If the VSC transfers to the next owner, the car's value will be higher, as it's likely that more buyers will be interested in a vehicle that comes with repair cost assistance. Longer vehicle life: Since the vehicle service contract offers similar coverage to the manufacturer's warranty once it expires, a customer can keep their car longer. Additionally, cost coverage for repairs means the customer will be more likely to take the vehicle in for service, thereby extending its life span.

Line 5 helps you offer a vehicle service contract to all your customers by providing financial backing.

Vehicle Service Contract Financing With Line 5

Line 5 partners with automotive dealerships to fund vehicle service contracts and other F&I products. We'll finance these plans for trucks, automobiles, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and more. With Line 5, you will sell more products and make more money.

Our financial installments are affordable and limitless while avoiding the many setbacks that would otherwise prevent many customers from receiving financing:

Approval: Line 5 guarantees approval for every customer, no matter their credit history. Down payments: We do not require a down payment. Interest rates and terms: You can work with the customer to adjust the interest rates and extended term length, even beyond the coverage term. This flexibility helps you meet a customer's budget and close the deal quickly.

Line 5 funds and finances the total of the VSC, including going beyond conditional approval limits. Once your customer reviews, signs and submits the agreement to us, Line 5 will have funding available within 48 hours.

Why Work With Line 5 for VSC Auto Finance?

Line 5 is a VSC financing company that helps automotive dealerships get every product, every customer, every time. We finance all F&I products and services provided at dealerships, so you can offer the services your customers need with confidence in our financial support.

We will take the time to understand your business goals to identify how we can help increase your sales and profits. Line 5 also offers F&I dealership software that manages your contracts and customer portfolios. This tool will expedite tedious processes, giving you more time to work on other objectives.

Contact Line 5 and Become a Partner Today

Help your customers get beneficial products and increase the profitability of your F&I department with Line 5. We'll provide the financial backing necessary to help all your customers gain a VSC for their car purchase. Sign up on our website to become a partner. For more information about our vehicle service contract financing, call 844-775-4635 or contact us online.  


January 26, 2021

Line 5 & TechAssured Integration Announcement | Line 5

Line 5 and TecAssured Integration Announcement

Line 5 is thrilled to announce an integration with the technology solutions experts at TecAssured. Now, you'll be able to reap the benefits of Line 5's financing services within easy-to-use software from TecAssured.

We've been delivering affordable financing options with guaranteed approvals, no down payments and low monthly rates for years, helping dealers better meet the needs of their customers and sell more products. Combine these services with the robust software solutions provided by TecAssured and you've got a top-tier system for more sales and improved customer satisfaction.

TecAssured is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the management, sales and end-to-end administration of automotive aftermarket, consumer and insurance products. Their integrated software applications include the industry’s most powerful rating engine, eCommerce sales portals, a full-featured administrative interface and a new MERGE™ multiproduct comparison/sales system — all of which can be customized to meet unique client needs or implemented right out of the box.

Line 5 integrates with all TecAssured software applications, including ADMIN, MERGE and DIRECT. ADMIN is a highly capable base administration system that can be customized and adjusted to your dealership's needs. It includes features for user management, report generation, a rating engine, accounts payable and receivable, claims administration and more. MERGE is a powerful product comparison tool, and DIRECT offers easy direct-to-consumer marketing.

Partner With Line 5

This integration means that implementing Line 5 within a TecAssured software system is a great way to achieve a seamless and streamlined financing deployment experience. You can speed up the process for customers and agents and incorporate financing information within essential operational tools such as account management interfaces. Whether you already use TecAssured or are looking to add it to your arsenal, Line 5 makes integrated financing possible.

To learn more about working with Line 5 or the integration with TecAssured, please reach out to us online!

April 2, 2021

Line 5 - Financed Services

Line 5 provides F&I financing for automotive dealerships, so they can sell more plans to customers and increase their profits. Become a partner today!

April 27, 2021

F&I Services for Ford Dealerships

F&I Services for Ford Dealerships

Ford dealerships rely on their finance and insurance (F&I) department to improve their customers' experiences and raise their dealership's revenue. Since financing F&I products for Ford dealerships is one of our specialties at Line 5, we can help you go above and beyond with the products and financing options you offer customers.

If you want to improve the F&I services your Ford dealership offers, learn more about the F&I products we finance and our financing options. Discover the advantages of partnering with us and using the F&I software we provide below.

F&I Products That Line 5 Finances for Ford Dealerships

At Line 5, we offer many F&I services for Ford dealerships to help them provide comprehensive financial packages to their customers. For example, a customer may want key replacement or service contract coverage, while another might seek dealer-owned prepaid maintenance and a lifetime engine warranty. Since customers have different needs, we offer a wide range of F&I services you can take advantage of. 

Here are the primary products we offer:

Key replacement: Keys for modern Ford vehicles can be expensive to replace due to the advanced technology built into them. If a customer is worried about losing their keys and paying to replace them, an F&I key replacement product is a great option. This product will cover the costs related to providing roadside assistance to drivers who've locked their keys in their car, purchasing a replacement key and reprogramming a key to their vehicle's security system. Lifetime engine warranties: When a customer doesn't want to worry about covering the cost of replacing their vehicle's engine, they'll usually purchase an engine warranty. Our lifetime engine warranty service covers the costs of engine breakdowns throughout an engine's life, as long as the customer sticks to the engine's recommended maintenance schedule. Anti-theft coverage: Anti-theft coverage is another excellent piece of coverage for customers worried about vehicle theft. Our anti-theft coverage pays more than what a customer would receive from a standard insurance settlement, making it highly valued among customers. Tire and wheel protection: A vehicle's tires and wheels will receive lots of wear and tear. Our tire and wheel protection product is highly attractive to customers since it covers damages to these parts.  Service contracts: While some original equipment manufacturers offer service packages to their customers, our service contracts offer much more comprehensive coverage. These contracts provide better coverage at lower costs and offer flexible deductibles, with some no-deductible options.  Lease damage waivers: If a customer damages a Ford vehicle they're leasing, standard leasing insurance can be complicated and expensive. When you finance lease damage waivers through us, the waiver administrator will cover damages to a leased Ford vehicle. Additionally, these lease damage waivers are much simpler, as they come with no deductibles for your customers.  Dealer-owned prepaid maintenance: Many customers enjoy our dealer-owned prepaid maintenance service since it keeps their maintenance service costs fixed. As a result of this service, customers will always come back to your Ford dealership whenever their vehicle requires maintenance. These plans make it so customers are around your dealership more regularly, increasing client loyalty and raising the chances a customer purchases another vehicle or service from you in the future. F&I Financing for Ford Dealerships

Alongside our many F&I products, we also provide several F&I financing options to Ford dealerships. Two of the most popular options include extended warranty financing and vehicle service contract financing. Additionally, we provide roadside assistance, maintenance plans, theft protection and road hazard options. By partnering with us, you'll receive financing for any of the plans you choose to offer customers.

Our plans all come with instantly guaranteed approval, meaning they're much easier to sell to customers. We also don't require anyone to make a down payment. Our plans are customizable to help you meet customers' needs and budgets, as well. For example, you can modify a loan's interest rate and length to better suit a customer's requirements. This level of flexibility can make any financing or loan options you offer to your customers much more attractive.

Many companies also appreciate our F&I financing for Ford dealerships due to the speed at which we can process applications and get you your funds. After your customer agrees to coverage at a payment that works for them, they'll go through an intuitive online application. Once this application is signed and submitted, we'll give you your funding within 48 hours. You can also raise your revenue when you utilize our financing plans, as you'll earn a commission for every product and plan you sell to your customers.

F&I Software for Ford Dealerships

To take your Ford dealership's F&I department to the next level and deliver an exceptional user experience, you need Ford dealer finance software. We offer exceptional Ford dealership F&I software to our clients, designed to help you sell our protection plans, provide affordable financing to customers and increase your income potential. Our partnerships with technology solutions experts allow us to offer an intuitive dealership dashboard designed to help you better manage your customers and deals.

Many of our clients love how our F&I software for Ford dealerships simplifies and speeds up key processes, such as generating contracts and reports and handling signature collection. We've also partnered with TecAssured Integration, a leading end-to-end and administration automotive insurance provider, to assist our software's financing service. Our software utilizes this provider's industry-leading rating engine, a MERGE™ multiproduct comparison/sales system, eCommerce sales portals and a complete administration interface.

Why Work With Line 5?

Along with our software's many advantages, working with Line 5 gives you access to other top-quality services and products we offer. When you compare us to the competition, you'll see we offer many benefits and features others don't. Unlike other options on the market, we don't ever require down payments or set funding limits.

We also allow customers to finance over the life of their protection plans to receive lower monthly payments, and we ensure our online application is as easy as possible. Additionally, our online application features instant approval, and we always fund our contracts within 48 hours. These advantages, among many others, make Line 5 the go-to choice for Ford dealers.

Contact Line 5 to Become a Partner Today

At Line 5, we're ready to help your Ford dealership's F&I department improve the financing and product options it offers to customers. If your dealership is ready to access our many F&I services for Ford dealerships, partner with us today. You can also contact us with any questions you might have, and we'll be happy to assist you.

April 28, 2021

F&I Services for Used Car Dealerships

F&I Services for Used Car Dealerships

Finance and Insurance (F&I) products contribute to a used car dealership's revenue. The loans and protection options available through F&I are important to consumers, offering warranties, services, asset protection and other benefits. To provide the most benefit to your customers, you need reliable F&I financing for used car dealerships.

With Line 5 financing, you can support a profitable F&I department. At Line 5, we sponsor a wide variety of F&I products for your customers. When you partner with us, you'll improve your customer satisfaction and be able to offer better F&I products and plans. Read on to learn about Line 5 F&I services for used car dealerships.

Financing F&I Products for Used Car Dealerships

F&I products account for about a quarter of dealership gross profits — reliable financing for these products should be a top priority. Line 5 dealership partners have access to various F&I product financing. Here are some of the products we finance:


Tire and wheel protection: Line 5 will finance tire and wheel protection services. Any vehicle customer benefits from this protection — tires and wheels sustain greater damage than any other vehicle parts. You can increase your customer satisfaction by offering affordable tire and wheel protection plans. Lifetime engine warranties: With a lifetime engine warranty, your customers can be sure their engines will last for as long as they own their vehicles, granted they follow the recommended maintenance schedule. This is a huge benefit for any vehicle owner. Dealer-owned prepaid maintenance: This is one of the best F&I products for promoting customer retention and loyalty. With dealer-owned prepaid maintenance service, customers will return to your dealership for vehicle maintenance. They'll build a lasting relationship with your dealership, and they'll be more likely to make purchases in the future. Service contracts: Though the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may offer a service package, your dealership's contract may provide a flexible deductible and better coverage. This would make it the superior choice for your customers. Key replacement: Line 5 will also finance key replacement and reprogramming services, as well as roadside assistance if the keys are locked in the vehicle. Modern keys are often integrated with the car's technology and can be expensive to replace, so customers benefit from this service. Anti-theft coverage: Anti-theft protection is highly beneficial for your customers, as it will cover more than a standard insurance settlement. It covers tens of thousands of dollars if a vehicle is stolen or a total loss.

Your dealership's F&I department may choose to group some of these products into a bundle, so your customers can get all the services and protections they want for less. Creating affordable bundle packages may help you appeal to customers and increase your sales. At Line 5, we extend our financing services to dealership bundles — we understand their value and profitability.




F&I Financing for Used Car Dealerships

Line 5 financing is an asset to any used automotive dealership, no matter what type or brand of vehicles you sell. We'll cover your finances when you offer customers plans and protections, both short- and long-term. As an F&I product financing company, we partner with automotive dealerships and support plans such as the following:


Extended warranty financing: Extended warranties are popular for vehicle customers. With an extended warranty, the customer will have coverage beyond the warranty's end date. Vehicle service contract financing: Vehicle service contracts cover vital services like mechanical repairs or roadside assistance. Maintenance plans: Every vehicle needs routine maintenance — a maintenance plan makes routine maintenance more affordable for the customer. Theft protection: Theft protection is an important precaution many vehicle owners seek, especially those who purchase high-end vehicles. Road hazard: Hazard protections are helpful for any vehicle purchase, as unfavorable road conditions are often unpredictable. Roadside assistance: Some customers may opt for a separate roadside assistance coverage plan. Covered roadside assistance is extremely helpful for any vehicle customer. It's necessary for those who drive in wet or snowy conditions often.


We help make the above F&I products and plans easier to sell by offering guaranteed approval. With our minimal down-payments and budget-friendly terms, we help you get your customers the coverage they need for prices they can afford. Non-conditional approval takes a lot of weight off your shoulders as you sell F&I products. 

Why Work With Line 5?

If you're looking for a way to improve your F&I department, increasing both customer satisfaction and F&I revenue, consider Line 5. With Line 5, everyone wins. Your customers will have the coverage they need for an affordable payment, and you'll sell more F&I products, earning greater revenue from each plan sold.

We tailor our services to each dealership we partner with — we'll analyze your goals, business model, values and processes to offer dependable F&I financing that fits your needs. Our partners can sell F&I products with confidence. We approve all signees regardless of credit rating or other factors. Our down payment requirements are minimal, making your products and plans more affordable. Line 5 F&I financing serves your needs and priorities. The process is simple: 


You sell affordable, helpful F&I products to your clients with terms up to 84 months.  We fund and activate your sold F&I products, automatically approving each client.  You receive money from your F&I sales over time, in monthly installments.  In the event of a canceled contract, you're not responsible for refunds. 

Both you and your clients benefit from a partnership with Line 5. You can sell more F&I products to a broader range of customers, earning greater long-term profits. Your customers will have the peace of mind that comes with dependable protections and warranties while building their credit ratings. As a result, you'll have increased customer satisfaction and earn stronger customer loyalty. 


Contact Line 5 to Become a Partner Today

Here at Line 5, we're dedicated to helping you sell more F&I products and earn higher revenue from your F&I department. With the assurance of our flexible financing plans, you can offer better F&I deals with total confidence. As a result, you'll boost your customer satisfaction and retention, increasing your sales down the road.

If you have any questions about our services or financing options, give us a call at 844-775-4635 or fill out our online contact form. We're happy to provide more information about our personalized F&I financing options. If you're looking for reliable F&I financing for your used car dealership, partner with Line 5 today.