F&I Services for Ford Dealerships

April 27, 2021

F&I Services for Ford Dealerships

Ford dealerships rely on their finance and insurance (F&I) department to improve their customers' experiences and raise their dealership's revenue. Since financing F&I products for Ford dealerships is one of our specialties at Line 5, we can help you go above and beyond with the products and financing options you offer customers.

If you want to improve the F&I services your Ford dealership offers, learn more about the F&I products we finance and our financing options. Discover the advantages of partnering with us and using the F&I software we provide below.

F&I Products That Line 5 Finances for Ford Dealerships

At Line 5, we offer many F&I services for Ford dealerships to help them provide comprehensive financial packages to their customers. For example, a customer may want key replacement or service contract coverage, while another might seek dealer-owned prepaid maintenance and a lifetime engine warranty. Since customers have different needs, we offer a wide range of F&I services you can take advantage of. 

Here are the primary products we offer:

  • Key replacement: Keys for modern Ford vehicles can be expensive to replace due to the advanced technology built into them. If a customer is worried about losing their keys and paying to replace them, an F&I key replacement product is a great option. This product will cover the costs related to providing roadside assistance to drivers who've locked their keys in their car, purchasing a replacement key and reprogramming a key to their vehicle's security system.
  • Lifetime engine warranties: When a customer doesn't want to worry about covering the cost of replacing their vehicle's engine, they'll usually purchase an engine warranty. Our lifetime engine warranty service covers the costs of engine breakdowns throughout an engine's life, as long as the customer sticks to the engine's recommended maintenance schedule.
  • Anti-theft coverage: Anti-theft coverage is another excellent piece of coverage for customers worried about vehicle theft. Our anti-theft coverage pays more than what a customer would receive from a standard insurance settlement, making it highly valued among customers.
  • Tire and wheel protection: A vehicle's tires and wheels will receive lots of wear and tear. Our tire and wheel protection product is highly attractive to customers since it covers damages to these parts. 
  • Service contracts: While some original equipment manufacturers offer service packages to their customers, our service contracts offer much more comprehensive coverage. These contracts provide better coverage at lower costs and offer flexible deductibles, with some no-deductible options. 
  • Lease damage waivers: If a customer damages a Ford vehicle they're leasing, standard leasing insurance can be complicated and expensive. When you finance lease damage waivers through us, the waiver administrator will cover damages to a leased Ford vehicle. Additionally, these lease damage waivers are much simpler, as they come with no deductibles for your customers. 
  • Dealer-owned prepaid maintenance: Many customers enjoy our dealer-owned prepaid maintenance service since it keeps their maintenance service costs fixed. As a result of this service, customers will always come back to your Ford dealership whenever their vehicle requires maintenance. These plans make it so customers are around your dealership more regularly, increasing client loyalty and raising the chances a customer purchases another vehicle or service from you in the future.

F&I Financing for Ford Dealerships

Alongside our many F&I products, we also provide several F&I financing options to Ford dealerships. Two of the most popular options include extended warranty financing and vehicle service contract financing. Additionally, we provide roadside assistance, maintenance plans, theft protection and road hazard options. By partnering with us, you'll receive financing for any of the plans you choose to offer customers.

Our plans all come with instantly guaranteed approval, meaning they're much easier to sell to customers. We also don't require anyone to make a down payment. Our plans are customizable to help you meet customers' needs and budgets, as well. For example, you can modify a loan's interest rate and length to better suit a customer's requirements. This level of flexibility can make any financing or loan options you offer to your customers much more attractive.

Many companies also appreciate our F&I financing for Ford dealerships due to the speed at which we can process applications and get you your funds. After your customer agrees to coverage at a payment that works for them, they'll go through an intuitive online application. Once this application is signed and submitted, we'll give you your funding within 48 hours. You can also raise your revenue when you utilize our financing plans, as you'll earn a commission for every product and plan you sell to your customers.

F&I Software for Ford Dealerships

To take your Ford dealership's F&I department to the next level and deliver an exceptional user experience, you need Ford dealer finance software. We offer exceptional Ford dealership F&I software to our clients, designed to help you sell our protection plans, provide affordable financing to customers and increase your income potential. Our partnerships with technology solutions experts allow us to offer an intuitive dealership dashboard designed to help you better manage your customers and deals.

Many of our clients love how our F&I software for Ford dealerships simplifies and speeds up key processes, such as generating contracts and reports and handling signature collection. We've also partnered with TecAssured Integration, a leading end-to-end and administration automotive insurance provider, to assist our software's financing service. Our software utilizes this provider's industry-leading rating engine, a MERGE™ multiproduct comparison/sales system, eCommerce sales portals and a complete administration interface.

Why Work With Line 5?

Along with our software's many advantages, working with Line 5 gives you access to other top-quality services and products we offer. When you compare us to the competition, you'll see we offer many benefits and features others don't. Unlike other options on the market, we don't ever require down payments or set funding limits.

We also allow customers to finance over the life of their protection plans to receive lower monthly payments, and we ensure our online application is as easy as possible. Additionally, our online application features instant approval, and we always fund our contracts within 48 hours. These advantages, among many others, make Line 5 the go-to choice for Ford dealers.

Contact Line 5 to Become a Partner Today

At Line 5, we're ready to help your Ford dealership's F&I department improve the financing and product options it offers to customers. If your dealership is ready to access our many F&I services for Ford dealerships, partner with us today. You can also contact us with any questions you might have, and we'll be happy to assist you.