F&I Services for Honda Dealerships

July 28, 2021

F&I Services for Honda Dealerships

Your finance and insurance (F&I) department is crucial to drawing in buyers and giving them the best service possible. At Line 5, we offer various F&I services for Honda dealerships to help our partners' F&I departments be more effective. We finance many different products and plans to help Honda dealerships better serve their customers and increase their profitability.

Find out more about our F&I products and financing options. You might also be interested in learning more about our Honda dealership F&I software and the advantages of working with us.

F&I Products Line 5 Finances for Honda Dealerships

When you own a Honda dealership, you can provide a better experience to your customers and potentially increase your sales by offering F&I products. Extend options to your customers for products like service contracts and dealer-owned prepaid maintenance to raise your profits. By offering multiple products and services, your customers can mix and match what they need to find the perfect option for their vehicle. You'll make your dealership stand out with those and other offerings, gaining more customers and earnings for your business in the process.

Find out more about the main types of products we finance for Honda dealerships below:


  • Service contracts: At Line 5, we're happy to finance a range of service contracts you can add to your Honda dealership's offerings. While some original equipment manufacturers offer service packages, a dealership's service contracts can often give customers a more flexible plan and better coverage at a reduced cost. These service contracts often don't come with a deductible, and you can increase these contracts' profitability by reinsuring them on the backend. 
  • Tire and wheel protection: With a tire and wheel protection plan, your customers can better protect their tires, which experience plenty of wear over time. 
  • Key replacement: Since modern keys tend to have various high-tech anti-theft features and other components installed in them, they can be costly to replace. Key replacement services cover the expense of replacing a key and reprogramming the new one to a vehicle's auto security system. This service also covers the costs of roadside assistance if a customer locks their keys inside a vehicle. 
  • Lifetime engine warranties: When you offer lifetime engine warranties to your customers, they'll receive protection over their engine for the length of their ownership. As long as customers stick to the vehicle's recommended maintenance schedules, they can replace their engine at no cost. Many Honda dealerships enjoy offering this product, as it helps to increase customer service retention.
  • Dealer-owned prepaid maintenance: When you offer dealer-owned prepaid maintenance, customers will return to your Honda dealership whenever their vehicle requires maintenance. This service is especially beneficial to dealerships, as it keeps buyers regularly coming back to their dealership and makes customers more likely to buy additional vehicles or products from you again. By offering this service, you can increase customer loyalty and raise your sales.


F&I Financing for Honda Dealerships

Alongside offering various F&I products, we also regularly finance plans for Honda dealerships. These plans include:


  • Theft protection
  • Extended warranty financing
  • Roadside assistance
  • Road hazard
  • Vehicle service contract financing
  • Maintenance plans


Since we finance so many plans, you can more easily provide your customers with exceptional service. Besides the many plans we finance, Honda dealerships also love how we instantly guarantee approval. With this instant approval, you can more easily sell plans to your customers.

All of our loans don't require a down payment, and you can adjust every loan's interest rate and length. Our loans' flexibility makes it simple for you to customize terms for a customer's specific needs. By offering customizable loans, you create more attractive deals for customers and close your deals faster. Many customers appreciate how these plans feature a manageable payment structure. 

After your customers complete their application and sign it, we ensure our funding is available in 48 hours or less. The Honda dealerships we partner with regularly use our financing to help create more commission revenue for every plan they sell. These plans and our financing of them can help your team sell more products, as well. 

F&I Software for Honda Dealerships

At Line 5, we ensure our F&I financing options and products are easily accessible by offering Honda dealer finance software. Our software is very accessible and intuitive to use, allowing your team to sell various protection plans more easily. No matter what vehicles you offer, you can utilize our software to bundle and select coverage products and make it easier for your team to sell coverage to customers. Our software also streamlines key processes, such as signature collection and contract and report generation. 

We're especially proud of our Honda dealership software's finance options, as they make it much easier for your team to provide customers with affordable financing. With our partnership with TecAssured, our software has exceptional features like a MERGE™ multiproduct comparison and sales system, e-commerce sales portals, an administrative interface and an advanced rating engine. Like our loans' flexibility, our software is customizable to better serve your team's unique requirements and give your customers an exceptional user experience.

Why Work With Line 5?

When you're interested in financing F&I products for Honda dealerships, turn to Line 5. When you compare our offerings to the competitors, you'll see we offer the best features on the market today. We approve all customers without taking their credit rating into account and don't require down payments or loan limits. We also have a simple-to-use term adjustment and interest rate buy down calculator. Since our online application features a payment calculator and instant approval, you can close faster. 

Once you partner with us, we'll provide you with highly customizable offerings tailored perfectly to your business. We'll take your dealership's values, goals, processes and business model into account to deliver financing services ideal for your company. Since we offer such a tailored solution, your F&I department can become much more successful.

Become a Partner With Line 5 Today

Partner with us to enjoy all the advantages of working with Line 5. Our interactive dealer dashboard and many financing solutions make it much easier for you to sell various products and plans to your customers, increasing your profitability as a result.

Sign up today to partner with us and take your F&I department to the next level. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.




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