F&I Services for Used Car Dealerships

April 28, 2021

F&I Services for Used Car Dealerships

Finance and Insurance (F&I) products contribute to a used car dealership's revenue. The loans and protection options available through F&I are important to consumers, offering warranties, services, asset protection and other benefits. To provide the most benefit to your customers, you need reliable F&I financing for used car dealerships.

With Line 5 financing, you can support a profitable F&I department. At Line 5, we sponsor a wide variety of F&I products for your customers. When you partner with us, you'll improve your customer satisfaction and be able to offer better F&I products and plans. Read on to learn about Line 5 F&I services for used car dealerships.

Financing F&I Products for Used Car Dealerships

F&I products account for about a quarter of dealership gross profits — reliable financing for these products should be a top priority. Line 5 dealership partners have access to various F&I product financing. Here are some of the products we finance:


  • Tire and wheel protection: Line 5 will finance tire and wheel protection services. Any vehicle customer benefits from this protection — tires and wheels sustain greater damage than any other vehicle parts. You can increase your customer satisfaction by offering affordable tire and wheel protection plans.
  • Lifetime engine warranties: With a lifetime engine warranty, your customers can be sure their engines will last for as long as they own their vehicles, granted they follow the recommended maintenance schedule. This is a huge benefit for any vehicle owner.
  • Dealer-owned prepaid maintenance: This is one of the best F&I products for promoting customer retention and loyalty. With dealer-owned prepaid maintenance service, customers will return to your dealership for vehicle maintenance. They'll build a lasting relationship with your dealership, and they'll be more likely to make purchases in the future.
  • Service contracts: Though the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may offer a service package, your dealership's contract may provide a flexible deductible and better coverage. This would make it the superior choice for your customers.
  • Key replacement: Line 5 will also finance key replacement and reprogramming services, as well as roadside assistance if the keys are locked in the vehicle. Modern keys are often integrated with the car's technology and can be expensive to replace, so customers benefit from this service.
  • Anti-theft coverage: Anti-theft protection is highly beneficial for your customers, as it will cover more than a standard insurance settlement. It covers tens of thousands of dollars if a vehicle is stolen or a total loss.

Your dealership's F&I department may choose to group some of these products into a bundle, so your customers can get all the services and protections they want for less. Creating affordable bundle packages may help you appeal to customers and increase your sales. At Line 5, we extend our financing services to dealership bundles — we understand their value and profitability.




F&I Financing for Used Car Dealerships

Line 5 financing is an asset to any used automotive dealership, no matter what type or brand of vehicles you sell. We'll cover your finances when you offer customers plans and protections, both short- and long-term. As an F&I product financing company, we partner with automotive dealerships and support plans such as the following:


  • Extended warranty financing: Extended warranties are popular for vehicle customers. With an extended warranty, the customer will have coverage beyond the warranty's end date.
  • Vehicle service contract financing: Vehicle service contracts cover vital services like mechanical repairs or roadside assistance.
  • Maintenance plans: Every vehicle needs routine maintenance — a maintenance plan makes routine maintenance more affordable for the customer.
  • Theft protection: Theft protection is an important precaution many vehicle owners seek, especially those who purchase high-end vehicles.
  • Road hazard: Hazard protections are helpful for any vehicle purchase, as unfavorable road conditions are often unpredictable.
  • Roadside assistance: Some customers may opt for a separate roadside assistance coverage plan. Covered roadside assistance is extremely helpful for any vehicle customer. It's necessary for those who drive in wet or snowy conditions often.


We help make the above F&I products and plans easier to sell by offering guaranteed approval. With our minimal down-payments and budget-friendly terms, we help you get your customers the coverage they need for prices they can afford. Non-conditional approval takes a lot of weight off your shoulders as you sell F&I products. 

Why Work With Line 5?

If you're looking for a way to improve your F&I department, increasing both customer satisfaction and F&I revenue, consider Line 5. With Line 5, everyone wins. Your customers will have the coverage they need for an affordable payment, and you'll sell more F&I products, earning greater revenue from each plan sold.

We tailor our services to each dealership we partner with — we'll analyze your goals, business model, values and processes to offer dependable F&I financing that fits your needs. Our partners can sell F&I products with confidence. We approve all signees regardless of credit rating or other factors. Our down payment requirements are minimal, making your products and plans more affordable. Line 5 F&I financing serves your needs and priorities. The process is simple: 


  1. You sell affordable, helpful F&I products to your clients with terms up to 84 months. 
  2. We fund and activate your sold F&I products, automatically approving each client. 
  3. You receive money from your F&I sales over time, in monthly installments. 
  4. In the event of a canceled contract, you're not responsible for refunds. 

Both you and your clients benefit from a partnership with Line 5. You can sell more F&I products to a broader range of customers, earning greater long-term profits. Your customers will have the peace of mind that comes with dependable protections and warranties while building their credit ratings. As a result, you'll have increased customer satisfaction and earn stronger customer loyalty. 


Contact Line 5 to Become a Partner Today

Here at Line 5, we're dedicated to helping you sell more F&I products and earn higher revenue from your F&I department. With the assurance of our flexible financing plans, you can offer better F&I deals with total confidence. As a result, you'll boost your customer satisfaction and retention, increasing your sales down the road.

If you have any questions about our services or financing options, give us a call at 844-775-4635 or fill out our online contact form. We're happy to provide more information about our personalized F&I financing options. If you're looking for reliable F&I financing for your used car dealership, partner with Line 5 today.