Line 5 & MenuMetric Integration Announcement

February 3, 2021

MenuMetric Integration

Line 5 and MenuMetric have joined forces to deliver a finance and insurance (F&I) process with greater customer reach and personalized sales experiences. We've integrated our simple and smooth financing services with MenuMetric software's powerful sales tools. This new collaboration is an excellent way to help reach your customers based on their unique driving and buying habits — all with time-saving tools and an easier agent experience.

About MenuMetric

MenuMetric aims to make technology that enables F&I professionals to better connect with their customers and create personalized sales experiences. The MenuMetric platform simplifies the F&I sales process with industry-leading technology to improve customer satisfaction and maximize profits. It enables efficient presentation, selection and tracking of sales for many F&I products and vehicle add-ons. MenuMetric has an ever-growing list of partners, such as Line 5, and continuously evolving software, making MenuMetric your path to higher sales!

The platform is scalable with a wide range of devices, offers a simple interface for customers to interact with their personalized offers and delivers analytics to better understand your sales. Line 5 now integrates smoothly with this platform, so you can save even more time on getting solutions to your customers.

Line 5

Line 5 offers an optimized, simple and secure financing solution to make the process easy for agents and customers alike. We provide:

  • Instant, guaranteed approvals with no funding limits.
  • Flexible rates and terms to meet your clients' needs.
  • No money-down requirements.
  • Contracts funded within 48 hours.
  • An easy-to-use interface.

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